Corso Umberto, 65 – Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG)

Franco Digrandi is the chef of the restaurant “La Rosada” in Ragusa.

When he was only fourteen, he made his first experience in the kitchen, at the Hotel Mediterraneo in Ragusa. After his graduation, he worked for ten years in many restaurants of the province of Ragusa: this experience enriched his cultural culinary baggage. At only twenty–two years, in 1980, he got his first assignment as chef, at the restaurant Tre Fontane. In 1984 he opened his first restaurant “Al Biffi” in which he worked for more than a decade. Over the years he learned various techniques of conservation of the products and raw materials and the use of new technologies and techniques.

This allows him to revisit the traditional Hyblaean and Sicilian dishes, maintaining the taste and the flavors of the past, but with the addition of a touch of originality. The dishes that best represent him are the Filet with carob, prepared with a syrup of carobs (traditionally known as “zanfarro”), the egg plant Tortelli with shrimps, tomato concassé, zucchini and almonds (this dish has been rewarded at the 1st Gastronomic Competition “Francesco Paolo Cascino” in Trapani), the noodles with mushroom carob, the Pyramid of fish on a bed of mashed potatoes.

Over the years, he represented our province, in Italy and abroad, by preparing the local dishes. Founder member of the provincial association Hyblean chef “APCI”, he is now the president. In 2000 he received the “Collegium Cocorum”, in Syracuse, that certifies his twenty-five years of work experience. Since 2003, in partnership with Giuseppe Occhipinti, he is the owner and the chef of the restaurant “La Rosada”. In 2012 he obtained “Les Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier”, in Sciacca.

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