Corso Umberto, 65 – Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG)

Claudio Ruta

Claudio Ruta was born in Ragusa in 1971. He is the Executive chef at the restaurant “La Fenice”, at the Hotel Villa Carlotta in Ragusa. In 2010, he obtained a Michelin star and after many years of research, professionalism and awards, in the kitchen he is always creative: “I like to watch, analyze, feel and evaluate each ingredient in an almost obsessive way”.

At the base of his dishes, in fact, there is the quality of the raw materials, with a constant attention to the special products of the Hyblean and Sicilian area, with a predilection for those unique organoleptic ingredients, such as the Ragusano cheese, the carobs and the rare mush room carob (this tree is the symbol of the Hyblean Mountains), the wild herbs, the chocolate of Modica.

His recipes are incantetions in which the ingredients are in perfect harmony, in an often surprising interaction skills that its a single goal: to create emotions. Over the years, the result of his hard work and passion is recognized, and the expressions of esteem he obtained are many: “I am proud not only for the awards I receive personally but even more for those that are assigned to my students, with whom I had the pleasure to work”.

Among his awards, in 2005 he was a Member of the Jury at the International Competition “Tirreno Trade”; in 2008 he obtained the silver medal at the European Competition Catering Cup in Mulhouse (France), where he was the only chef who represented Italy. In 2010 he obtained the afore mentioned Michelin Star, subsequently confirmed in the following years. Always in 2010 he participated at the Italian selection “Bocuse d’Or”.

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