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Final Terra Matta 2018, awarded Casa Vissani and La Subida

Final Terra Matta 2018, awarded Casa Vissani and La Subida

“We are honored to have hosted such an important competition at Chiaramonte Gulfi that has rewarded the talent and courage of these young boys who have measured themselves with difficult recipes and a specialized and demanding jurors’ audience. I am sure that, beyond the victory of the individual, each of them has a brilliant career ahead of him and full of great professional satisfaction “.

This is how Mario Molè, president of the Consorzio Chiaramonte, commented on the final of the Terra Matta 2018 Wine and Food Competition held yesterday evening at the Locanda Gulfi in Chiaramonte and saw Daniele Guidantoni‘s victory at the Casa Vissani restaurant (Baschi, TR) win the first place for the historical dish ‘Animelle of pork with soft and crispy rice with saffron’ and Angelo Del Bianco of the restaurant La Subida (Cormons, GO) for the innovative dish ‘In the pig I put my heart’.

A race at the stove exciting and full of emotion, that, which was transparent looking at the young faces of all the chefs in the race. Each of them has not been spared and has put in place the best energy and professionalism.

Dishes in the race:

Al Convento – Chef Angelo Bencardino
Historic dish: Genovese di Maialino
Innovative dish: Piglet in a carriage (second classified innovative dish)

Andreina – Chef Valerio De Angelis
Historic dish: liquid salad, grilled lettuce, charcoal pig and crisp vinegar (third classified historical dish)
Innovative dish: Consistences of Giarratana onions and bacon of the Black pig of the Nebrodi

Antica Corte Pallavicina – Chef Marco Cervi
Historic dish: Pork belly, its caramelized onion and green sauce (second classified historic dish)
Innovative Plate: Return of a Piedmontese from Sicily

Casa Vissani – Chef Daniele Guidantoni
Historic dish: Animelle of pork with soft and crunchy saffron rice (first classified historical dish)
Innovative dish: Pork cheeks with cauliflower with goat yogurt and rind pop-corn

La Subida – Chef Angelo del Bianco
Historic dish: Brovada and muset
Innovative dish: In the pig I put my heart (first classified innovative dish)

Mercerie – Chef Angelo Corelli
Historic dish: Onion pudding, parmesan fondue and fried leek
Innovative dish: Risotto, Sicilian black pork sauce and onion ice cream (third place innovative dish)

To lead the evening, Tinto, author and host of the radio program Decanter – Rai RadioDue, while, judging the dishes in competition, a technical jury formed by Marcello Leoni, president of international fame, Carlo Ottaviano, journalist and director of the event, Maria Antonietta Pioppo, journalist La Repubblica, Davide Di Corato, journalist and chef and Carmelo Floridia, chef Locanda Gulfi; and a jury of cuisine composed of: Flavia Rendina, journalist The ONAV Assagger, Francesca Ciancio, Gambero Rosso journalist, Davide Visiello, Identità Golose journalist and chefs Riccardo Cilia, Tocco d’Oro restaurant, Marta Denaro, Nello’s restaurant, Salvo Vicinale , Al Vecchio Mulino restaurant, Giovanni Digrandi, La Rosada restaurant and Marco Failla, Atmospere restaurant Villa San Bartolo.

For Carlo Ottaviano, “The competitors have really surprised us: even the youngest have been able to better interpret the versatility of the products of the Hyblaean Mountains, first of all pork and onion. Each of the young chefs wanted to play back by tune the tradition of home and the enhancement of the products of Ragusa. And so – for example – the onion pudding in parmesan fondue and fried leek, or the pork sweetbreads with crispy saffron rice. All have shown that tradition is not a still museum, but it transforms and evolves, offering new sensations and therefore conquering potentially new markets “. Marcello Leoni, as well as exercising in an honorable and professional the role of jury president, in the margins of the evening said he was “other times in Sicily but I did not know Chiaramonte Gulfi and the surrounding area. It is truly a magical and beautiful place, a different Sicily compared to the rest of the island. Here I am very pleased to know a community that is very proud of its roots and of its products that I found exceptional. I also got to know the Chiaramonte consortium made up of producers and entrepreneurs who believe in a common project and who work together, team up to promote their history, their territory and their products. Their strategy will be a winner “. And always Marcello Leoni, tonight at Locanda Gulfi will try his hand at the stove and will put on the table of the diners an original and characteristic menu. The ingredients of the Hyblaean cuisine: the pork, the onion of Giarratana, the saffron, all enriched by the excellent extra virgin olive oil DOP Monti Iblei of the producers of the Chiaramonte Consortium and the excellent wines of the territory.

To conclude the triplet of events of the event, three guided meetings to get to know in depth four of the excellent products of the area: wine, oil, beer and cheese. All accompanied by bread of ancient grains.

Master Class program (7:30 pm and 9:00 pm):

  • OIL MUSEUM – La Tonda Iblea and the national DOP Oils organized by the Consorzio ChiaramonteMODERATOR M.A. Pioppo – La Repubblica
  • SOCIETA’ OPERAIA VITTORIO EMANUELE III – The facets of Frappato and DOCG Cerasuolo di Vittoria by La Strada del Vino Cerasuolo di VittoriaMODERATOR Luigi Salvo
  • SOCIETA ‘UMBERTO I – Cheese and Craft Beer

For weather reasons, the street food set for the evening of Saturday 15 December 2018 has been canceled.

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